Many startups looking to scale their operation turn to digital marketing agencies to gain valuable expertise and necessary tools to compete with other, better-established brands. The problem is, partnering with the wrong marketing agency can actually tank your startup’s chance at success. 

Thankfully, there’s a new, innovative marketing agency model that allows small businesses to pay only for the results they achieve. How does this model differ from the traditional agencies? Let’s take a look at all the reasons why your startup should consider partnering with a pay-only-for-results digital marketing agency. 

How The Wrong Digital Marketing Agency Can Hurt Your Business

Many startups that lack a dedicated digital marketing team assume that partnering with an agency will automatically improve their business. Unfortunately, that isn’t always true. In fact, with so many digital marketing agencies out there, it’s increasingly easy to pick one that isn’t suited for your business. This not only drains your budget, but also fails to give you any tangible results, thus damaging your business in a way that it may never recover. 

Here are some specific reasons traditional digital marketing agencies tend to fail startups. 

Their Approach Is Basic

Most digital marketing agencies are in the business of selling you their service, without necessarily worrying about the results you get from them. That is why they usually offer a standard, cookie-cutter approach to the majority of their clients. You end up with a marketing strategy that wasn’t designed with your business in mind, and fails to give you the unique advantages to make you competitive in your market. The best results you can hope for with a one-size-fits-all approach, is to break even on your costs. But in most cases, this type of generic method will do nothing but drain your budget. 

They Try To Dazzle You With A Shiny Offer

Overpromising is almost a given with most traditional digital marketing agencies, some of which persist in trying to sell you on snake-oil SEO tactics and promise overnight success. Some of these pitches will be filled with impressive industry terms and acronyms that make their offer sound downright convincing. This is basically to get you to sign a contract. Once you’re in, you’ll find yourself trapped in a partnership with glorified con artists, who cannot deliver on even a fraction of their promised results, and will probably present you with the same basic approach discussed in the point above. Again, this wastes your time and money, while failing to generate the sales your startup desperately needs at this time. 

They Make Choices Based On Them, Rather Than You

When you partner with a traditional digital marketing agency, you’re gaining their expertise, but you’re also somewhat limited to it. Many agencies will have a dominant service or marketing channel that they are good at, and are likely to apply it to all of their clients, regardless of their individual needs. You’re also likely to pay a high price for this service without any guarantee that it’ll work. The results you are left with are not optimized to gain your business success, and may not even make sense given your business model. 

The Benefits Of A Pay-Only-For-Results Digital Agency

Thankfully, there have been innovations and changes within the digital marketing agencies that allow startups to (as the name suggests) pay only for the results they achieve. This type of approach marries the basics of affiliate marketing with the services and benefits of a digital marketing agency, to guarantee your startup the most bang for your buck. Here’s how it works, and why the pay-only-for-results approach gives your startup the edge you need during this stage. 

How A Pay-Only-For-Results Digital Agency Works

With a pay-only-for-results model, the agency has just as much incentive as its client to get great results. This is drastically different from the standard model, and gives startup companies the assurance they need that their valuable marketing budget is getting put to good use. 

Pay No More For Ineffective Ad

Whatever campaigns are implemented, whether it’s Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn or other, you only pay for the results you want and get. In other words, if you’re looking to gain 100 new leads, you’ll only be charged when that result is reached, and you do not have to pay for any ads that fail to reach that goal. 

Take The Risk Out Of Digital Marketing

It’s alarmingly easy to waste your entire marketing budget on unfocused and ineffective digital marketing, even when you’ve partnered with a traditional agency. In fact, some of their most recommended services are likely the most costly and offer little guarantee of success. With the pay-only-for-results model, this risk is completely eliminated, because you’re entering into a cost-per-action agreement, in which you only pay if your campaign is successful. For business owners that are weary of a financial agreement with a digital marketing agency, this type of option offers a demonstration of the services without the need for any real investment. 

Pay As You Generate Funds

Since you’re only paying for successful digital marketing, you can pay for these services while you’re generating the funds your business needs to continue on. In this sense, the cost of the agency fees will pay for themselves if and when your results materialize. This type of security can mean the difference between a startup’s success and failure during a time when funding and revenue are still low.  

Final Thoughts

Today’s fast-changing business environment requires flexibility and adaptability from businesses of all sizes, but startups most of all. Due to their often-limited budget, entering into a contract with the wrong digital marketing agency can spell disaster for a new business that are trying to compete and grow. Thankfully, the Pay-Only-For-Results Digital Marketing Agency is coming to startups’ rescue by offering a result-driven service that only charges its clients for proven results. Even during today’s volatile economy, startup companies can finally afford to invest in their digital marketing strategy without risking their budget and long-term success.