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Our Process

Our framework is built on immersion and iteration. Starting with deep research, our team’s sprint based approach quickly eliminates assumptions through frequent testing and produces fast data driven results.

What we do differently.

We deliver results at lightning speed compared to the standard approach. Our approach transfers the concept of sprints to marketing, and enables us to develop and execute a marketing campaign that will deliver results and help achieve your goals within 5 weeks.

We set up each project with a specific assigned goal as well projected results. These goals and results are then measured against each other to ensure truly data driven decisions. This means less guesswork and a more effective strategy for your business.

Figuring out your "how"

Strategy &

We know where it is that you want to go, now let’s decide how we’re going to get you there! This process begins with a thorough historical review, competitor analysis as well as discussions with you on all of your assumptions.

We then create a detailed and tailored plan to test over the next few weeks. During this stage, it’s crucial to define your ultimate goal for your engagement.

Figuring out your “Who”

Audience Testing

We have to make sure that we’re reaching your best audience, so before we can optimize anything, we have to find where that audience lives and hangs out. We first create detailed customer personas then find how those translate into the digital world. 

Our team can identify unique characteristics that are common between your audience members to find new ways of reaching them online. We finally run them through rigorous testing and are left with the best performing audience that's scalable.

Designing for their “Why”

Design Testing

Phase three is dedicated to *drumroll* more testing. Now that we know who we are designing for, it's time to optimize for the best possible design that communicates the “Why.” A great design is key to a winning strategy, because it’s the first and possibly the only chance you have to make an impression on potential leads.

A great design doesn’t only have to look good – it has to speak to the emotions and unique aesthetic of your specific audience. Do millennials really love that pink so much? We then test countless different versions to find the right answers, ultimately build your final design from the best performing combination. 

Writing for their “Why”

Voice Testing

It’s around this point that we become especially grateful for our innate love of data and – you guessed it – testing! This time, we’re testing to find out what words speak the most to your audience and their “Why.” Great design can attract your audience, but only great copywriting can truly hook them.
We test everything down to the minor tweaks to make sure every word and punctuation is working to drive you towards your goals. We then analyze and let the data guide us to the best performing version. At the end of this phase, we reflect on the last weeks of testing and data and take a collective nap. 

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Case Study of how we helped the premium travel luggage brand, Overhead, achieve true growth using our carefully crafted marketing strategy.

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