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Case Study


TapRm is a venture backed business based out of New York City. Their hard-to-acquire licensing allows them to act as the wholesaler, retailer, delivery courier, and marketer for their brand partners—a first in the beer industry. They bring beer and hard seltzer brands from across the nation right to your door in New York City, with same day delivery. 

TapRm came to Blank Studio to help them build out their marketing strategy & reduce their marketing costs for their same day delivery business in NYC, Philly & more. 


With CPP being the ultimate KPI, our team created a strategy that utilized a variety of channels to their respective strengths. Using our Alpha-Beta strategy, we managed to acquire affordable Top of Funnel traffic on underutilized digital platforms such as direct listings on Barstool Sports, CBS, ESPN, etc. and retarget that traffic through traditional channels such as Facebook & Google. 

In addition, we aggressively test alternative platforms such as Pinterest, SnapChat, Reddit, TikTok & more.

Using programatic as the base for awareness, we hyper focused on specific placements that brought in the most qualified traffic. After testing a few different channels such as Grindr, ESPN, Barstool Sports, etc. we discovered that 2 channels were driving 70% of the purchases that were coming in from our retargeting campaigns on Facebook. By utilizing this strategy, we managed to increase traffic 23%, while decreasing the CPP to under $40. Though marketers are often limited in ability to scale with traditional structures on Facebook, our unique Alpha-Beta structure allowed us to scale spend without sacrificing CPP.

Meanwhile, our team of Google experts dissected their current ad results. With strict CPA targets, scaling efficiently can be a challenge. However, our search experts achieved incredible results by boosting non-branded campaigns using a maximized-clicks-bidding strategy, placing very low bids to decrease the required conversion rate needed to meet CPA goals, while organizing Google Shopping campaigns into tiers to maximize conversion efficiency by altering bids separately. With our help, TapRm ROAS grew -23% to 403% (year-over-year for the same period), while decreasing CPAs by 38% despite scaling spend more than 10x. While the client’s overall sales grew 8.3x, AdWords revenue grew from 4.4% of total revenue to 31.3%. As for engagement, CTR improved from 0.94% to 2.51%, and impressions grew 6.6x.


Cost Per Add To Cart Decreased: 41%

Cost Per Purchase Decreased: 34%

Additional Revenue Generated: 23%

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