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House Plant Box

Case Study


House Plant Box is a plant subscription service based out of California.

Though House Plant Box saw strong engagement via its organic social channels, it wasn’t translating to eCommerce success. They were unsure of how to capture a new audience that would provide consistent, day-over-day sales.

We utilized multiple different platforms across different stages of the funnel to micro target our audiences with content they cared about, increasing the effectiveness of every dollar spent.


While the creative team was hard at work building new creatives for the brand to test, Blank Studio’s paid social experts developed a custom and innovative Multi-Stage-Funnel-Strategy.

“We went from doing $150,000 in 12 months to generating over $650,000 new revenue in the first month of working with Blank Studio. Since we’ve had steady continued growth.”

Facebook Top of Funnel

We started our project by reviewing all historical data from every channel we had access to. House Plant Box's main growth method historically had been through content marketing, with only retargeting setup to target website visitors. Through their historical data, we found several interesting findings around creative types that work best and what messaging worked better with a new audience.

Our Facebook experts identified new potential customer audiences using a unique set of interests, focusing on customers seeking plants for their home. Based on these audiences, we curated product sets by gender and type of plant and matched them to a variety of audiences for prospecting ads. Sales on classic, core plants immediately began to roll in, with especially strong growth in women’s pet friendly subscription services (a previously untapped market for the company).

While running core campaigns, we also created campaigns for two major, limited-edition collaborations.


Middle of The Funnel (MoFu)

Since House Plant Box had historically only run retargeting ads, the Middle- and Bottom-of-the-Funnel audiences had been severely depleted with frequency above 7, on average. As we didn't have much ability to drive down the CPP through MoFu we packaged all engagement and video viewer audiences into one campaign, increasing the audience size and allowing for us to gradually decrease frequency, while maintaining a reasonable CPP.

Blank Studio retargeted the MoFu audiences with new creatives, new copy and new promotions based on user behaviors such as: engaged with profile, sent message, watched video, etc. The more broad targeting meant we had to offer several different creatives and copy to ensure we had something that everyone could relate to.

Bottom of The Funnel

We simplified the structure at the Bottom of the Funnel: Website Visitors, Time Spent on Site, Add to Carts and Initiate Checkouts. Utilizing traditional retargeting structure and hyper targeted Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) we combined all BoFu events into one ad set (as we did with MoFu) and focused our attention on the DPA ads. As we were running highly qualified traffic into the funnel, we hyper-focused our DPA ads to convert those new customers within 36 hours of the initial ad touch point.

The Results

In only the first month of working together, House Plant Box gained an additional $600,000 in new Revenue in just one month. Through our analytical and structured approach, we managed to blow all of House Plant Box sales out of the water, so much so that they had to open a new distribution center in Florida.

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