Have you heard of the term, “The money’s in the list?” It means that an email list is the most valuable way for a business to make money in the current economy. But is this statement really true? Well, sort of - in order for it to be true, you need to first grow and maintain a healthy list of email subscribers. So how should you go about growing your list, and is it really that important? Let’s delve into some ways you can encourage more leads and how it can help your business grow and succeed. 

Make Your Offer Shine

Whether you are crafting a new offer for your email subscribers or already have one in place, this is a great place to start generating growth in your list. Simply asking your readers to give you their information and sing up for emails is not enough; you need to entice them with a compelling offer. Know your audience and then offer something of real value in exchange for their email address. After all, it has become a more closely guarded commodity in today’s day and age. 

Make Signing Up Too Easy To Resist

People’s behavior online is generally lazy. Ask for an extra link click or add a name field and you risk turning off a large majority of your potential leads. To generate as many sing-ups as possible, make it as simple as you can for people to enter and submit their email address. If you want to generate leads at the fastest speed, don’t even bother asking for a name – just have your readers enter their email and that’s it. 

Use Subjects Like Tweets

It’s no secret that your subject line is an important piece of real estate when it comes to email marketing. Grab your readers’ attention by formatting your subjects like you would Tweets. Use humor, keep it short and add some emojis for added effect. This will make your email stand apart from the rest of the inbox and draw your readers’ attention. 

Engage Your Social Media Followers

Your email list and your social media follower list may or may not overlap. You can grow your email list extensively by creating a landing page and encouraging your social media followers to subscribe to your email list. This is an already warm audience who follow your brand and like interacting with it, so it’s a natural request that they’re likely to take. 

Don’t Forget The Thank You Page

The “Thank You” landing page following an email subscription is a great place to maximize on conversions and generate additional leads. The reason for this is simple; your lead has just decided to forge a connection with your brand and is in a great place to be upsold with another offer for an additional CTA.  For example, you can ask someone who has entered their email to refer a friend for an additional 25% off their first purchase, or just give a discount to encourage them to shop right then and there. 

Give Readers Control Over Volume 

Even the best content can start to feel overwhelming if the frequency is off. To discourage your audience from unsubscribing, you can give them an option to receive a lighter volume of emails. This level of control can make all the difference to someone who enjoys your product but finds your daily updates a bit too much. 

Is An Email List Really That Important? 

If you’re still not convinced that you need an email list to grow your business, here are some very important things you should consider: 

1. Email marketing has been consistently shown to outperform all other modes of digital advertising. They offer the highest conversion rates and let you pitch an unlimited amount of products as often as you see fit. 

2. Email lists give you a direct way to deliver your messages to your audience. No matter what changes may occur in the search engine algorithm or social media advertising rules, you can always rely on your email list to deliver your message where your audience is bound to look – their inbox. 

3. Email lists give you full control over your content and message. Again, you don’t need to worry about meeting Facebook’s advertising requirements or jump through any hoops when it comes to an email list. Get the message that you want directly to your audience, not just a version of that message that fits someone else’s standards. 

4. Email lists make you money. It’s as simple as seeing an increase in your bottom line. You can pretend like email lists don’t matter, but once you see how they help your sales, you’ll likely drop any argument you ever had against them. 

5. Your email list can encourage return visitors as a part of a re-targeting effort. Without one, about 70% of your visitors are estimated never to return to your site. Form a lasting relationship through your email and you’ll see a growth in your loyal, return visitors. 

We think you’ll agree that an email list can be an important and effective tool in any business’s arsenal. We hope our tips encourage you to grow and develop your email list and use it to reach your business’s full potential. Remember to be creative and get to know your audience to maximize your engagement. When in doubt, take it back to basics and revisit your sign up offer. If managed correctly, your email list is sure to generate conversions and strengthen your bottom line.